Urban trail in order to visit the main streets and monuments in Almansa.

We shall begin in Corredera Street, by the side of Mendez Núñez street where we are located.   We get to the central market square, we continue, and turn left, to arrive to Rambla de la Mancha Street, another main street in Almansa, and we face the old city council with its arcade, and the «Torre del Reloj»    or clock tower.

Now we pass through Mendizabal street, another commercial street, and after 100 m, we turn right to arrive to a small chapel over an arch, that is named «la capillica» (the small chapel).

The following stop is at las Agustinas Square, where is located the old convent, and the Cultural center, and we may enjoy other historical buildings.

After that we arrive to the La Asunción Square or Santa María Square, main square in Almansa, that needs some time to be visited.   Firstly the Church of la Asunción, and its beautiful facade, after that the city council, interested the facade and its garden and courtyard, with sculptures of a well known local artist.

At the end of the square by the side of the castle stairs, is the tourist info office, and the battle of Almansa museum.   After that you may visit de castle, and after that we shall surround the castle through the streets, and we may notice some urban art and a modern house with arabic art.

When we have surrounded the castle, we arrive again to Rambla de la Mancha Street, and throughout the «calle nueva», we arrive to the «Reyes Católicos Garden», where you may have a drink, and visit the San Francisco Church facade, after that we may visit the Teatro Regio, and we are back at the beginning.




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