We own this family run hostal.  It was born with the purpose of working for ourselves and managing our lives differently.

Amparo studied Marketing and worked in the private sector, and Santiago is a studied Law, worked for city councils and works as solicitor too.

Amparo speaks Spanish and Catalonian as tongue mother, has enough level in English and French.   Santiago speaks Spanish as tongue mother, Catalonian as second language and has a good level in English and improves with the Arabic, difficult language, by the way.

Firstly we began with a Spanish language school, and had 7 one room apartments, “studios” for the students.   With the time, we focused in the apartments as Hostal, as it worked much better than the school.

The building was projected with seven studios with kitchenette, adapted for wheelchairs, and was successful in the town.   By 2007, we created a new room, and in 2008, another 6, till the 14 rooms now available.

We are committed with our environment.  Santiago is volunteer in an environmental NGO, and is focused in forest, and wild species, specially local turtles.   If it is possible to get an environmental improvement, we try it.  We cooperate with local NGO.


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