As our resources arrive, we have an environmental commitment, from the building to the daily running, and we have this main characteristics:

Energetic saving and efficiency


– Thermal isolation.   Awnings in some of the windows.

– Solar thermal energy.  We save about a 50% in central heating and water heating.

– Ecological washing machine. Energy label AAA.

– Air conditioning programmed with enough temperature and respect for the environment.   In winter it is programmed to 21º, and 24º in summer.

–  We check our energy consumption form our beginning, and calculate our CO2 footprint.

– Saving bulbs.

– we contract green energy.

Recycling and wasting.

– wasting separation according to its type.

– Soap dispensers.

– Recycled and ecologic paper in our daily management.


Water saving.

– Sheets and towels change, according to our water saving policy.

– Dual flush button.

– We check water consumption every three months.

environmental certification with tripadvisor Greenleaders program.