Pets accommodation requires an agreement between our Hostal and the customer, agreement that must be previous to the accommodation and subject to availability, of room, and room appropriate to the pet.


As a general rule, pets and their owners have had a good behavior in our hostal. Anyway, as reminder, the following rules must be observed:

• Just one pet for room.

• We provide a small bed, a sprue, and a feeder.

• We accept well-behaved dogs. Dangerous or barkers dogs are not allowed.

• We may accept other pets as cats, or birds, but it is always necessary to agree with us what kind of pet, before the reservation.

• Pets may stay alone, by short terms, as they don’t bark, or make any damage. In this case, you have to advice in reception and give us a telephone number.

• Pets may not stay in common areas. In the moments they walk in these areas, They must be under control.

• Pets may not stand on chairs, beds or other furniture suitable for persons.

• Pets must not bother other customers.

• The customer will be responsible of any damage or any bother to other customers.

• Pets accommodation is charged with extra fee.

Remember that Almansa has accommodation only for dogs, so if your dog can not fulfill these rules, that doesn’t mind he can not travel with you. cinocan, Kennels in Almansa

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